Monday, November 20, 2006

Thanks for the Party

Here's some of the thank yous sent to GroupWise after the big going away bash on Wed Nov. 15:

Re: What a party
From Regina Brett, an organizer of the party:
Anyone else still feeling buzzed from last night's laughter?
Thank you all for giving our "Class of 2006" a great sendoff.
Special thanks go to Sue Klein, Kaye Spector, AJ Janke, Mike McIntyre and Scott Stephens. Without those 5, we'd all still be
wondering, How are we gonna say goodbye to 64 people?
If you're interested in getting a copy of the "yearbook" of the 64 retirees, see AJ. She's taking orders.
A video of the evening's entertainment will go up on a website shortly. We're working on it and will give you details as they come.

Last night was a great reminder that even though we're losing 64 co-workers, we've got an amazing bunch of colleagues still here.

From Bill SLoat:
The sweetests flower that grows
I give you as we part.
For you it is a rose
For me it is my heart.

-- Frederick Peterson -- At Parting

I want to thank everyone for a wonderful and fun partylast night

We needed that remembrance as much as the people leaving did. And you worked incredibly hard and well. It was funny and sweet and
cathartic. Pls fwd this msg to anyone I've forgotten. Thanks! Grant Segall (not leaving)


What a blow-out last night!

I can only hope that the rest of my life can compare. Thanks to everyone for the spectacular celebration. It was a wonderful
display of what The Plain Dealer really is and has been to so many of us. I do appreciate each and every participant and moment of
the evening. Thank you sincerely, Pam Whitmore


I'm sorry that I missed this part of the show last night, but thank you all so much for a truly spectacular send-off. What a blast.

On my first day here in 1985, Mairy Jayn Woge, then one of the federal courts reporters, plopped herself in the seat next to me and
started dictating a story. Feeling insecure and freaked out by the majesty of a newsroom filled with so many great reporters and
colorful characters, I apologized to Mairy Jayn and told her I was a rookie and didn't understand why she wasn't writing the story
herself. Said she: "That's just the way we do it here."
What a strange and wonderful place this has been for the last 21 years! In fact, I was feeling so rueful last night that I've
decided to change my mind. I'm staying.
Just joshin'.
Ted (Wendling) of the Columbus Bureau


>>> MIKE MCINTYRE 11/16/06 10:00AM >>>
I am not going to ask why someone tore off their red Chico's blouse at last night's Big Buyout Bash, but it's obvious that a
photograph of Jim Strang as the head of the NRA is too much for some people to resist.

The shirt, if you or your spouse is missing it, is on the empty desk across from Nellyn. Come claim it, no questions asked.

Dear Plain Dealer editorial family:
Thank you for a wonderful, classy farewell party. I had a wonderful time. Thanks to all the hard work from the committee. The
booklets, the roses, the newspaper pin, the "retirement what to do" wheel, the pressman's hat, such fun. It was good seeing former
editorial people at event. The video and presentation were very professional. Editorial really knows how to give a party.

It's only been a week at home and I still feel as though I'm on vacation. Wait I am still using up vacation days, so I am still on
vacation. So thanks again for a great party.

Jo Ann Pallant

Dear Friends,
I didn't think it was possible to out-bash Jack Hagan's farewell, but the Buy Out organizers managed, even without anybody's mother
giving them the Italian salute.
A heartfelt "Thank You" seems so inadequate for all that volunteer work --- from the little newspaper bundle pin to the diploma
presentation. The pressman's hat was an oustanding touch of nostalgia. I tossed mine in the air, then scrambled to get it back -- a
souvenir to treasure.

Like so many others, I don't know where this business we call newspapering is headed. But with colleagues like you, I feel it's in
good hands.

Now I'm ready to enjoy a "NIce Big Cup of . . .
Lou Mio.

I know it's a lot of work to put together a party for just one or two
people. But last night, the committee found a way to have a wonderful party
for 64 people. The book, the lapel pin, diplomas and all represent a lot of
hours and I really appreciate it. It was a wonderful send off.
And it was nice to learn someone still knows how to do a pressman's
Thanks to everyone.
Tom Gaumer
To all whom this may concern: Of course, I am late with my response in regards to the party the other night. But here goes.. I
really enjoyed myself (even though none of you think that you should dance at a party) and just think I wasn't going to come. But
I'm glad, because not only did I get a chance to party with all my colleagues, I also got one last chance to see JoAnn, Mr. Peery,
Jack Hagan, Bill Carlson and so many others that I am going to miss. The food, music, program and the memorabilia was put together
with so much CLASS and TIME. You really put your foot in it. And like Rosemary mentioned.. Let's have a class reunion
Your co-worker, Janice! (Rankin)
After years of planning seminars & parties for others, it really feels funny to be on the receiving end. I had so much fun last night. You all worked so hard to make it such a wonderful event, even the Gino Strippoli moment. As far as the red blouse, I told
you I'm a confidential secretary & I cannot & will not tell.
Thank you so very much. Yeah, I finally got a pressman's hat. :)
Cherie (McDaniel)

All I've got to say is .... Who are all you people???
Really, though I only know many of you through bylines and telephone contact, it's been an honor and pleasure to be a colleague.
And man, you guys throw one hell of a farewell soiree. Can't put enough thanks in here to express my gratitude for all the hard
work that I know went into putting that fine and fun event together. It was a blast and well done. Mucho Gracias!! TC Brown (Columbus bureau)

..To anyone who had anything at all to do with thinking up, planning, carrying out or even attending last night's party for the
departing. The well wishes were great and so were the gifts, the music, the food and everything else. I felt special and I'm sure
everyone else from the Class of 2006 did, too.

-- haki (christin)

Jane Scott didn't make the party, but shortly after this message went out:Greetings:
If you're going near the vicinity of Jane Scott's place later today and would be willing to make a stop, I'd be grateful. Jane left
her coat at Jac's bar last night, which I discovered long after she'd left. I thought for a moment about what it might fetch on
eBay, but I figured Jane deserves to be warm.


To everyone involved in the party, thank you for the great send off you gave all of our buy-out staffers, especially my longtime
teammate on the high school staff, Jack McDermott. But then anything Sue Klein touches has no choice but to turn out fantastic.
Unfortunatley, thanks to another controversy at St. Edward High School, I was locked to my desk and could not attend. But from
my heart, thank you for recognizing me and the wonderful gift of recognition.
I will cherish these last days as I leave after my shift on Dec. 22. I hope to cover a high school basketball game that night
and then drive off into a winter moonlight.
Again THANK YOU! May the future be as big and bright as your hearts.
- Eddie Dwyer

To the
thoughtful group of you that put the party together......You need to do it for a living!!!!!!! You'll never go
Of all the parties I've been to the past 22.5 years at the Plain Dealer, this was the BEST other than the 150th anniversary event at
the ZOO (smile).

You know Rosie always give sound advice, so listen to her now and plan our 5th reunion (SMILE).

Thank you so much for such a FUN FILLED evening! I will keep my press hat forever and will wear my pin often!!!!! It was in a way
sad, but Mike kept us laughing and it was good seeing our ex-co workers.
I for the first time (in my life) could not eat all my food due to excitment....Now you know that must have been one helluva party!
You guys are G R E A T!!!!!! Nellyn Brown

not really goodbye, just ...
From: CAROLYN JACK Sent: Friday, November 10, 2006 5:19 PM
a chance to thank all of you for eight great years of your company and your friendship. and i'd like that to continue even though i
will no longer have a desk in the building, so please stay in touch, as will i.
all the best,

To my PD family. It has been wonderful working with all of you. My 40 years here have been very special to me. I will miss seeing
you each day. Conversations with Daisy, my cat, will not be the same.
Thanks to all of you for your support over the years. Good-bye.
Jo Ann Pallant
P.S. Pay those I.O.U. bills in the book on the book cart!!!
Colleagues: When I arrived at The Plain Dealer in 1967 as an apprentice in the Rockefeller Project for the Training of Music
Critics, I planned to stay in Cleveland for only nine months. But when the management created a job for me, I thought it would be
more fun to write reviews and features than to pursue a PhD in musicology. I have never regretted the decision., since I have met a
fascinating array of people -- in the newsroom and on my many beats. I will miss the stimulation (but not the stress of daily
journalism). Goodbye and best wishes to all. Wilma (Salisbury)


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